Thing 13: K12 Online Conference

I definitely think that I’ll be visiting the K12 Online Conference site again. What a terrific resource! And the best part, of course, was that I could attend the entire conference from the comfort of my own home! The presentation that caught my eye was called “Probing the Prospects of Paperless Pedagogy,” delivered by Jason Neiffer. As is the case with many teachers, I tend to make dozens and dozens of copies each week of various resources for my students, only to see half those papers floating around the hallways later that day or thrown in the trash can by students as soon as class is over. I’ve considered looking for different ways to go paperless, not only because it’s obviously better for the environment, but also because anything digital seems to be much more interesting to students anyway. Therefore, this presentation was especially inspiring to me. I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to go completely paperless, but I did learn about some valuable resources that can help me start to make some changes in my classroom. Some interesting resources mentioned were: Moodle, Word Press, and Slide Share. I’m interesting in checking these out!

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